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Personalize your own Self-Care Kit!

Have you ever wondered how to fit in self-care when you’re being pulled in 20 different directions, the kids are asking for something, the sink is overflowing, the phone is ringing..etc…I’m sure we all know those moments…or wondered how other moms have figured out a way to practice self-care with all of that going on, […]

My Top Tip to Stop Comparison in its Tracks

Do you scroll through social media and catch yourself thinking “Wow..she really has it together…why don’t I?” or “They had so much fun at that event I didn’t want to go to….we should have gone….why didn’t we go?” Any of that sound familiar? We compare, and sometimes we don’t even realize we’re doing it. We […]

The “I Could Never….” Dream

Do you have an “I could never….” dream? You know the thing you want to do, but there are a million reasons why you can’t?  Two years ago I cancelled a six-hour road trip solo with my boys because I was scared and didn’t think I could do it. A week ago, the boys and I returned home from […]

9 Quick Tips to Calm in an Overwhelm Moment

A few weeks ago I shared an image that said “Crazy around you, doesn’t mean crazy within you” from Courtney Carver. As moms, most of the time it’s crazy around us, right? Someone needs something, something needs to be done……events…requests…kids arguing…to-do lists….we’re constantly assessing situations, making decisions and problem-solving. It’s overwhelming. Think about the state […]

6 QUICK Steps to Find a New Routine

Routines….we’re constantly told how much they help, both us and our kids. (I even wrote about my morning routine yesterday!) Routines have been another piece to the puzzle that allowed me to find more mindspace and reconnect with myself. For me it’s a work in progress, I’m always building on what is already in place […]

My Favorite Routine and how it Affects my Family

One of the biggest changes I’ve put in place to support my own self-care is my morning routine.  And I know what you might be thinking….”a morning routine for myself? Who has time? I don’t want to wake up any earlier than I do now!” Hear me out…(because I had the exact same thoughts a year […]

How can we stop “Mommy Wars”?

We see a lot of blog posts and there is a lot of discussion about moms judging other moms, and that it needs to stop…it’s not good for any of us….all of which I agree with 100%. But is it that simple? Do we just stop? First I think the answer is yes, we can […]

Why Coaching?

I was meant to be a coach. Looking back I can see specific events that lead me here, I know that each job I’ve had has been building to this. Changing my major junior year of college to education Teaching 5th Grade Becoming a Mom Facilitating Online Professional Development for Teachers Becoming a certified Connected […]