How can we stop “Mommy Wars”?

We see a lot of blog posts and there is a lot of discussion about moms judging other moms, and that it needs to stop…it’s not good for any of us….all of which I agree with 100%.

But is it that simple? Do we just stop?

First I think the answer is yes, we can and we should stop….but…maybe there is more to it?

These past few months I’ve learned a lot about self-compassion and self-acceptance and what keeps coming up is the fact that when we are kinder and more accepting of ourselves, we’re more accepting of others.

Now think about the fact that in motherhood, we’re constantly put in new, challenging situations…where we might be unsure of ourselves and our decisions. Right? Every time we think we figure out a stage, a situation, our kids….it changes and we have to figure it out again.

Then consider the state of mind a mom is in 99% of the time….worries, to-dos, managing life in general….

AND then….think about the fact that as a society our self-talk is very negative and self-acceptance isn’t a priority or always paid attention to.

Do you see where I’m going with this? It’s kind of the perfect storm….we’re hard on ourselves….we’re hard on others…and it just continues to cycle…

So how do we stop it? When we’re trying to juggle so much….who has time to work on self-acceptance and self-talk? (Is that maybe what you’re thinking?)

But….think about what happens when we don’t make the time to work on our self-talk and self-acceptance.

How much do you suffer because of your inner voice? How much mindspace does that negativity take up? What connections is it stopping?

When we change our self-talk and accept ourselves how we are….it opens us up to more connections with each other, we realize we’re not alone in motherhood, we grow our village.

And it spreads….not only between moms but to our kids…our spouses…our families. When our self-talk is softer….we’re softer all around.

So what do we do?

Self-acceptance takes work, changing our self-talk takes time and we already have so much on our plate

….so we start small!

I created a journal to help with just that! 5 days of prompts that will open your heart and mind, and take the first steps towards finding your worthiness as a mother and increase your self-love. Click the image to the right to get your copy!

I’m Jennifer Bloomingdale, a mom of two young boys, wife, former educator and professional development provider. My passion is supporting others, especially moms, as they work towards their hopes and dreams. I have developed workshops and coaching programs specifically for moms to support them as they work towards a balanced life that works best for them and their family and reconnect with themselves.