My Favorite Routine and how it Affects my Family

One of the biggest changes I’ve put in place to support my own self-care is my morning routine.  

And I know what you might be thinking….”a morning routine for myself? Who has time? I don’t want to wake up any earlier than I do now!” 

Hear me out…(because I had the exact same thoughts a year ago…)

My routine has been built slowly over the course of a year! 

Before putting my routine in place I was having a hard time finding quiet time for myself, our mornings were hectic and I usually started the day frustrated….I decided to start small…

  • It started with gratitude. Simply writing down what I was grateful for each morning. ( 3- 5 minutes total)
  • A few months later, I added our family journal, where I document important events, funny things the kids said or did, and just everyday memories.  (Maybe up 7 minutes now)
  • Next, I started reading one passage a day from, Only Love Today, by Rachel Macy Stafford.

This brought the routine up to about 10 minutes (if that!). Was I able to do it every single day…no…but I strived for every day.

That is where it stayed for a really long time. 

I kept thinking that I would love to wake up early but….the boys were up too much at night….I liked to cuddle with them in the morning…my older son wakes up early as it is, so what was the point if I wasn’t truly getting quiet time….there was always a reason.

It took me over six months of thinking about it to decide I was ready to wake up early. 

I’ve started waking up between 5:00 and 5:30 AM and it has not only had a major affect on me but my family as well. 

By waking up early and taking the time for myself, I’m ready to greet the boys in the morning, no more battles of “when are we going downstairs?” or them getting wild with each other first thing and me getting frustrated…

I get to talk to my husband before he goes to work or sit together even for two minutes to have coffee….kidfree! 

Sometimes I have a visitor, usually my older son. He watches his show sitting next to me while I do my routine, or sometimes my routine gets set aside to color or read with him. 

We’re starting our day with more positive interactions with each other, and I’ve started to look forward to my mornings. 

The routine itself is fluid, depending on when I wake up, and if I have company but here are the pieces I aim for: 

  • Ten minutes of movement…maybe just walking in place, sometimes cleaning.
  • Gratitude Journal
  • Memory Journal
  • Reading from Only Love Today, a short passage  
  • Meditation – just 5 minutes, I’m slowly building this up
  • Reading or writing

I also want to mention that I pay attention to when my body needs more sleep, we’ve had illness hit the house, I’ve had a few late nights in a row…and when those happen, I take the pressure off of myself. 

I trust myself enough to know that I love this morning routine and that I’m not going to lose it if I choose to sleep some days. 

This routine has become a source of comfort, allowed me to be more present with my boys in the morning, and as a family, we start our days with more positive interactions. 

Not only that, it allows me to start the day grounded and ready to go. I’m more productive, my head is clear and I find I focus better throughout the day. 

So what are my top tips for creating a morning routine that works for you? 

  1. Start small! Pick something that is most fulfilling for you, start with that.
  2. Be patient with yourself and your circumstances.
  3. Be flexible.

If you were to pick one thing to do for yourself before you start your day, what would be it be?