Moms in Bloom
a Self-Study Program

A self-study online program for moms who desire to unearth their individual identity, feel centered and empowered, all while having a positive effect on their whole family.

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Do you desire to….

  • Feel calm and prepared for all that life throws at you and still maintain a loving and peaceful home?
  • Plan time for yourself, enjoy meaningful time with your children, and manage discipline from a calm perspective?
  • Have patience, and let’s face it, the energy to take care of yourself, your children, your spouse and still manage to keep your house together?
  • Rediscover what you need to feel fulfilled, joyful, and prepared to take care of yourself and your family and then find the time and the energy to meet those needs?
  • Finally go for that dream you’ve been thinking about for months, maybe even years, knowing where to start and how to get there in a way that best fits you and your family?
  • Quiet your mind and make space for what matters most to you, rather than constantly wrapped up in your ever-growing to-do list, when you have to do it, and all of the other stressors we face as moms?

Right now you’re struggling with:

  • The frustration of trying to create a plan that fits your lifestyle while honoring your family’s hopes and dreams.
  • Feeling discouraged because you’ve tried to make changes in the
    past only to fall back into old negative patterns.
  • Feeling overwhelmed with trying to manage family, life, and work, as well as your dreams because there is too much to manage or because the tasks have just gotten too big.
  • Finding time to manage your current responsibilities without letting your own needs fall by the wayside.
  • Feeling disheartened that you can’t seem to get centered because you’re constantly pulled in twenty different directions.

To get there you need to:

  • Learn how to finally take care of your own needs so that you can give the gift of yourself to others.
  • Feel centered and grounded in your present life, so you can reach all your dreams.
  • Discover how to refocus your attention and energy away from negative self-chatter, so you can focus on what really matters to you!

Hi, I'm Jennifer!

I’m Jennifer Bloomingdale, a life coach who developed a personalized program to support moms as they move towards their hopes and dreams for their families. I am a mom of two boys, a wife, and a former 5th-grade teacher and professional development provider.  

I lost my way a bit…

I was always so proud of my work with educators. At the same time, though, while I was loving being a mom, I was also slowly learning a new way of managing our life as a family. As my boys have gotten older I found there is more to juggle and manage. I started to feel discouraged that I wasn’t keeping up with all of it. My discouragement turned into lack of motivation, which also affected my self-confidence. What was I doing wrong? Why couldn’t I get all of this under control? It was a negative spiral that I was having a hard time digging myself out of.

The Transformation…

Then two things happened.  First, I realized that I needed to take my own advice. I always told my teachers to start small and build upon their own successes. So I started small, I took a little step, and another…and another…and I noticed it started to snowball. My confidence was rising, and I rediscovered my motivation.

The second thing that happened was that I had unexpected surgery and was forced to practice what I called “extreme self-care”. For those two weeks, I was forced to take a step back from everything, our usual routine, cleaning the house, my work hours, laundry…everything.

At the end of those two weeks, I felt like myself, I was happy, positive and my mind was clear. It was a wake-up call, that while I couldn’t totally let everything go all the time (you should have seen my house!), it was time to be purposeful about taking care of myself, and I needed to find a way to add that to our life as a family.

Introducing ...
Moms in Bloom

Moms in Bloom is a self-study program that I created for moms who want to meet their own needs, work towards their hopes and dreams while managing their own unique family situation

This is a coaching program that:

  • Takes into consideration the chaos of running a family while supporting YOU as you discover your own needs and how you can meet them.
  • Assesses your life to determine what works best for you in the moment.
  • Helps you to create a roadmap to gradually get you to where you want to be while keeping your family in mind.
  • Builds a positive mindset that will not only affect you but the rest of your family.

This program is for you if you are feeling lost and want to feel like an individual again, rediscover your self-worth, learn to trust your inner wisdom, and feel centered in motherhood.

What you'll do...

This program provides moms with the guidance and support that they need to create the life they have envisioned for themselves and their family. As you go through the sessions you will:

  • Determine how your life can be set up to ensure that your needs are being met, which clears the way for “you” to come through.

  • Incorporate self-compassion into your self-talk, to help build resilience when it comes to mommy guilt, over thinking and negative self-talk.

  • Evaluate your current schedule and routines to see what areas can be reorganized to better support you and your family, allowing you to use your time most efficiently.

  • Discover how you can feel grounded and calm in your daily chaos, which will allow you to find peace in motherhood.

After this course you will have:

  • Tools that will continue to support you long after the program is over. There might still be hard days, but you’ll learn to recognize what you need in the moment and how you can make it happen.

  • Motivation to accomplish everything from your daily tasks to the hopes and dreams you have been putting off. The projects, decluttering, finally unpacking those last few boxes, going back to school, following your passion, starting a business, etc.

  • Rediscovered your individual identity and what you are passionate which will create a ripple effect of joy and ease in your family life.

  • A plan to ensure that your needs are being met in a way that allows you to make choices and manage your family from your best frame of mind. Create a go to plan that you can turn to when you are having a bad day, stressed out or things just aren’t going exactly as you would like so that you can manage your family life from a “sane” state of mind.

What they're saying...

This past summer I worked with Jen Bloomingdale. As a working Mom with two young boys I constantly feel flustered, behind, and that there is limited time to take care of myself. This program helped me identify smaller yet impactful ways to practice self-care, bring gratitude into my lifestyle and most importantly come to terms with the fact that it’s truly impossible to do it all. By introducing daily practices to ensure my needs are met, incorporating ideas such as breaking down larger projects, and getting comfortable with the idea of delegation, I’m slowly moving towards new concepts and ways to refine the daily norms of what is reasonable to accomplish and how I prioritize! Thank you Jen for introducing me to a great set of tools to keep at my fingertips.

Michelle K.
My sessions with Jennifer have been helpful beyond measure! She helped me to implement small changes in my routine that made a big impact on the flow of my day. I went from feeling overwhelmed and defeated to empowered and confident regarding home care/meal prep and creating routines for myself as well as my family.
I loved starting the calls with what was going well, it really shifted my energy in a positive way. After the call, I was excited to take action steps right away. Jennifer is easy to talk to, very receptive and an all around great coach. I would strongly recommend her services to everyone! I am grateful for our time together.

The Program

The program was designed to allow you to personalize it 100% for yourself, go through it at your own pace, making small changes and adjustments and coming back when you’re ready for the next step!

It includes 14 modules each with a brief video and a guide that will support you as you apply the program to your own life.  

Sessions 1-7 will be available immediately, Sessions 8-14 will be posted by April 30th.

  • Session 1


    As moms, we tend to be very hard on ourselves, in this session we work on softening your self-talk and how we can be more gentle with ourselves. We address mom guilt, and how when we have had a rough morning, lose our patience, forget a school event, or the house is a mess, we often replay it in our heads and beat ourselves up. This is a waste of precious energy and mindspace. In this session, we talk about some ways we can be gentler and kinder to ourselves.



  • Session 2

    Developing a Practice of Gratitude

    Discover a practice of gratitude that fits into your life and supports a shift to a positive perspective. When we practice gratitude, it takes away our focus from what isn’t going right, what we haven’t done yet, and what we don’t have. It allows us to see and appreciate all that we’re doing, all our family is doing and what we currently have, which supports a positive mindset.

  • Session 3

    Determining Your Needs and Values

    We’ll look at various needs that we all have to determine what is being met for you and what is not. These needs will be kept in mind as we move through the program. To me this is one of the most important aspects of this program, because we are at our best when our needs are being met. If we want to be our best selves for ourselves, our children and our spouses, we have to find a way to meet our own needs while still taking care of them.

  • Session 4

    Self-Care Plan Part 1-Mind

    In this session we look at what your mind needs to be at it’s best and come up ways to support those needs. Sessions 4-7 all build on each other to develop your own personalized self-care plan.

  • Session 5

    Self-Care Plan-Part 2-Body

    Our next focus for the self-care plan is your body, what does your body need to be at its best?

  • Session 6

    Self-Care Plan-Part 3-Heart

    Lastly, we consider what your heart needs for you to feel your best? What lights you up? What brings you joy?

  • Session 7

    Creating your Self-Care Plan

    Self-care is more than just taking breaks and getting alone time, although they are definitely a piece of the puzzle! In this session, we’ll take everything you came up with in the past three sessions and create your personalized plan!

  • Session 8

    Self-Love Time Management

    This is more than the traditional ideas of time management, although we will talk about them too! This goes beyond that to discuss how you can manage your life while honoring the needs of you and your family. This is important because we tend to overbook and try to do it all, which leads to stress and overwhelm for everyone. We’ll talk about feeling comfortable with “saying no” to endless plans, establishing boundaries that work for you, consider what things we can let go of and determining what exactly you can and cannot control.
    This session will be available April 30th.

  • Session 9

    Creating a reset Plan

    Determine what self-care means to you and how you can integrate it into your family’s life. While a lot of what we talk about in the previous weeks is self-care, this week we focus on what actions bring you peace, joy and comfort. While we might not always be able to sneak away with our spouses, by ourselves or with friends, we can develop practices that take as little as five to ten minutes. These practices can help us reset and recharge and built upon each other to have a positive effect on you and your family.
    This session will be available April 30th.

  • Session 10

    Evaluating Family Routines and Schedules

    We’ll look at what you are currently using to manage your family’s schedule, what routines you have in place and how you’re feeling throughout the day. After determining our starting point, we will determine what needs to be adjusted to support your needs.  A large part of rediscovering yourself is freeing up your “mindspace” to make room for “you” to come back! By getting things down on paper(or on a digital calendar) and creating routines that become habit, you are freeing up more space instead of constantly worrying about what is next or what you have to get done.
    This session will be available April 30th.

  • Session 11

    Establishing a New Routine

    In this week we’ll look at what you learned in Session 11 to determine what routine can best support you and your family. We’ll break down what that new routine will look like, what you need in place to get there and what little steps you can take to make it happen.
    This session will be available April 30th.

  • Session 12

    Decluttering-Mind and Surroundings

    A piece of rediscovering yourself is making room for that change to happen, both mentally and in your surroundings, this week we will work on prioritizing what you want to declutter. There are two reasons for this, first, the mental clutter takes up that precious headspace, if we begin to tackle that, we free up more space for ourselves. Second, the physical clutter can cause a negative feeling every time you see it, and even though we can’t tackle it right away, we can create a plan to declutter little by little.
    This session will be available April 30th.

  • Session 13

    What's next?

    In this module, we will build your plan to determine the “how” of integrating all that has been discussed. We’ll also talk about your own hopes and dreams and how they can be integrated into your role as a mom. Sometimes as mothers, our own hopes and dreams get pushed to the bottom of the priority list, but they are important too! We’ll break everything down to little changes at a time, which allows us to build upon our successes and make small adjustments as needed.
    This session will be available April 30th.

  • Session 14

    Wrap up and Celebration

    We’ll wrap up the course and celebrate everything you’ve begun to put into practice and the momentum you’re building towards the life you want for yourself and your family.
    This session will be available April 30th.

What they're saying...

One of my passions is creating a community with other moms. When I left my job when Ben was born, I was shocked how isolating motherhood was! Raising littles is hard and lonely and I’m so thankful to have found my “tribe” to share this journey with. A good friend of mine, Jennifer Bloomingdale, also shares this passion and is making a difference in the lives of hundreds of women! Jen is a life coach for Moms and I recently had the privilege to take her course and it taught me so much! If you are struggling and needing to reassess your needs and how to not only survive but thrive in the baby years, consider working with Jen for amazing support and guidance.

Heather C.

Since working with Jennifer, I’ve lost weight, started some wonderful DIY home projects, booked a vacation and put a lot less pressure on saying yes to everything. I’m so much more relaxed and I don’t let my FOMO engulf me anymore! I spend a bit more time alone relaxing with my son. We also have a new relaxed morning routine. We get to school at about the same time as before but we’re no longer stressed out and unhappy.


Moms in Bloom includes:

  • Session Resources

    A short video and journal pages to encourage reflection and growth throughout the process.

  • Membership Site

    All of our course content will be kept in a private online membership site that you will continue to have access to even after the course is over.


  • Who is this program for?

    Anyone in the capacity of a mothering role that is feeling overwhelmed and lost.

  • Does the course have to be complete at a certain time?

    Nope, you have forever access to the course. Go through at your own pace and implement as you can.