My Top Tip to Stop Comparison in its Tracks

Do you scroll through social media and catch yourself thinking “Wow..she really has it together…why don’t I?” or “They had so much fun at that event I didn’t want to go to….we should have gone….why didn’t we go?”

Any of that sound familiar?

We compare, and sometimes we don’t even realize we’re doing it.

We get sucked in and it takes up precious mindspace, which we know we don’t have a lot of and then it leads down a negative thought trail.

My number one tip for shutting down comparison, is gratitude.

This came up recently for me, just a few weeks ago at Easter.

We’re fortunate and have our families nearby so we usually see everyone on holidays. This year though, we were recovering from the flu, so we stayed home.

I was a little sad because we weren’t game to see everybody and we look forward to it, but I was also feeling good about having a day at home just the four of us.

We had everything to follow through on all of our usual traditions and had a nice morning together.

Later in the day, I was on Facebook, and I was seeing everybody with their families and everybody dressed up and that’s when the feeling started to creep in.

We’re not doing that this year….We didn’t get to see everyone today…

But….I was able to catch it really fast, I caught myself doing it and I flipped it around to…

I’m grateful that the four of us are together, that the four of us are spending a quiet day at home together, that the boys are on the mend, everyone’s getting better, the flu didn’t hit as hard as I thought it might….

There was a lot to be grateful for in that moment and it switched the thinking for myself.

By catching it and not getting caught up in that negative thought cycle, I was present and focused on our Easter together.

That’s how gratitude can help with comparison and it’s interesting because I used to think I was immune to the comparison..because I knew that everyone puts their best moments on social media. I thought I was immune…but really sometimes we don’t even realize that we’re doing it.
It was my gratitude practice that has helped me catch it quick. I’ve had my practice in place for over a year now it has supported a shift in my mindset and allows me to catch the negative thought trail much earlier than I used to.

If you’re feeling that comparison feeling sneak in….flip it around and say “what am I grateful for right now?”