Top Tips To Manage Holiday Overwhelm


As we enter the holiday season, we all have a lot we’re juggling and a picture in our mind of what we want our holiday to be.

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in getting it all done that by the time we get to the holiday, we crash and don’t get to fully enjoy it.

My hope is to support you in avoiding that feeling, so I’m sharing my top tips to manage holiday stress as a mother:

1. Establish your Priorities for the Season
What is most important to you this month? What experiences do you want for you and your family? How do you want to feel throughout the month?

2. Expectations
What are your expectations for the holiday? Are they obtainable? Are you trying to meet other’s expectations? This is where the priorities can help, if you find yourself getting wrapped up in what it “should” look like, check back in with your priorities.

3. Don’t forget Self-Care!
Plan ahead for breaks and know what will comfort you when you’re stressed or in a challenging situation.

4. Ask for help and delegate

5. Self-Compassion
Being kind and gentle to ourselves if we don’t get everything done that we wanted to or get to every event that we had hoped.

6. Plan ahead
Take out your calendar or planner in the next few days and make sure all of the events that you are attending are included. Consider making lists for each event as to what needs to be done and/or purchased. Maybe even putting time on the calendar to get that list done.

What are some ways you manage stress throughout the holidays? I’d love to hear, comment below and let me know!