Why Coaching?

I was meant to be a coach.

Looking back I can see specific events that lead me here, I know that each job I’ve had has been building to this.

Changing my major junior year of college to education

Teaching 5th Grade

Becoming a Mom

Facilitating Online Professional Development for Teachers

Becoming a certified Connected Coach

Coaching Educators

Becoming a certified Evocative Coach

Managing a local blog

Direct Sales

Participating in a group coaching program

Professional development for an educational company

Not to mention all of the times my mom bought me self-care books, gave me journals, invited me to yoga, talked about meditation…etc…she hadbeen planting the seeds for years…but I “never had the time.”

And then…my wake up call, where I was forced to start paying attention to my needs.

Lesson planning, using technology to support learners, social media marketing, graphic design, the joy, and energy I found when supporting others…each of it is a piece to the puzzle. Who would have thought that this was almost 13 years in the making?

BUT...I would have missed it all if I kept ignoring my needs, if I didn’t quiet my mind, if I didn’t let “perfection” go, if I let fear lead my decisions….if I kept going telling myself that “I didn’t have time” to take care of myself.

What are we missing when we ignore our needs? What are we missing when we put ourselves at the bottom of the to-do list?

There are ways to incorporate it no matter how busy you are, it might take some effort to make a change…but the long-term benefits far outweigh the effort that you put in.

I’m Jennifer Bloomingdale, a mom of two young boys, wife, former educator and professional development provider. My passion is supporting others, especially moms, as they work towards their hopes and dreams. I have developed workshops and coaching programs specifically for moms to support them as they work towards a balanced life that works best for them and their family and reconnect with themselves.