Coming January 2019! Heart Centered Mom-entum

This program will:

  • Support you as you move forward with your heart-centered project, a business idea, a family project, going back to work, starting a new career, documenting your families life, a hobby, go back to school, setting up your home…etc…that project that has been calling to you, but there is never any time.
  • Progress on the self-fulfilling projects you’ve been putting off so that you take time for yourself and so that you can reconnect with yourself.
  • A community so you can connect with other moms that are moving towards their own heart-centered projects.
  • Provide you with accountability so you stay committed to your heart-centered project and so you can get clear on what you want it to look like.

This program will be limited to 5 participants.

Personalized 1:1 Coaching

A One-on-One customized program for YOU!

It includes 6 bi-weekly phone calls over the course of 3 months, where we walk through your specific challenges and develop a plan to support you in quieting your mind and so you can:

  • Have patience, and let’s face it, the energy to take care of yourself, your children, your spouse and still manage to keep your house together.
  • Rediscover what you need to feel fulfilled, joyful and prepared to take care of yourself and your family and then find the time and  energy to meet those needs.
  • Finally go for that dream you’ve been thinking about for months, maybe even years, knowing where to start and how to get there in a way that best fits you and your family.
  • Quiet your mind and make space for what matters most to you, rather than constantly wrapped up in what you have to do when you have to do it, and all of the stressors we face as moms.

Moms in Bloom

An online group program for moms who desire to unearth their individual identity, feel centered and empowered within motherhood, all while having a positive effect on their whole family.

This is a DIY program that you can go through at your own pace, it includes videos, journals, and an online community so you can ask questions and get support from myself and other participants.

What they’re saying…

Since working with Jennifer, I’ve lost weight, started some wonderful DIY home projects, booked a vacation and put a lot less pressure on saying yes to everything. I’m so much more relaxed and I don’t let my FOMO engulf me anymore! I spend a bit more time alone relaxing with my son. We also have a new relaxed morning routine. We get to school at about the same time as before but we’re no longer stressed out and unhappy.


This past summer I worked with Jen Bloomingdale. As a working Mom with two young boys I constantly feel flustered, behind, and that there is limited time to take care of myself. This program helped me identify smaller yet impactful ways to practice self-care, bring gratitude into my lifestyle and most importantly come to terms with the fact that it’s truly impossible to do it all. By introducing daily practices to ensure my needs are met, incorporating ideas such as breaking down larger projects and getting comfortable with the idea of delegation, I’m slowly moving towards new concepts and ways to refine the daily norms of what is reasonable to accomplish and how I prioritize! Thank you, Jen, for introducing me to a great set of tools to keep at my fingertips.

Michelle K

My sessions with Jennifer have been helpful beyond measure! She helped me to implement small changes in my routine that made a big impact on the flow of my day. I went from feeling overwhelmed and defeated to empowered and confident regarding home care/meal prep and creating routines for myself as well as my family.

I loved starting the calls with what was going well, it really shifted my energy in a positive way. After the call, I was excited to take action steps right away. Jennifer is easy to talk to, very receptive and an all around great coach. I would strongly recommend her services to everyone! I am grateful for our time together.


One of my passions is creating a community with other moms. When I left my job when Ben was born, I was shocked at how isolating motherhood was! Raising littles is hard and lonely and I’m so thankful to have found my “tribe” to share this journey with. A good friend of mine, Jennifer Bloomingdale, also shares this passion and is making a difference in the lives of hundreds of women! Jen is a life coach for Moms and I recently had the privilege to take her course and it taught me so much! If you are struggling and need to reassess your needs and how to not only survive but thrive in the baby years, consider working with Jen for amazing support and guidance.

Heather C